Vacation homes can be amazing getaways from the hustle bustle of everyday life, but a vacation property isn’t your primary residence, so why insure it like it is?

Greece, the mythical destination par excellence, attracts thousands of tourists each year on a quest for ancient sites, majestic scenery and splendid beaches. Unsurprisingly, Greece is also an iconic and popular place for those considering purchasing a second home abroad.

If you’ve already purchased a holiday home in Greece you might be in the process of selecting an insurance policy to protect it. I am very experienced insured vacation homes so you assured that your acquisition will be covered against a number of risks. To find out more get a quote today!
What Is Covered?

  • Fire

Damage from fire, lightning and smoke.

  • Crash

Vehicle strike, aircraft drop or objects falling from it, falling trees, branches or poles.

  • Explosion & Damage to Alternative Energy Sources

Damage from explosion. Boiler explosion, central heating burner and water heater. Damage to solar energy collectors and wind turbines.

  • Acts of violence

Strikes, frustrations, political unrest, malicious third-party actions, and terrorist acts.

  • Weather phenomenon

Flood, storm, storm, snowfall, hail and frost.

  • Pipe leakage

Leakage and / or breakage of pipelines, water tanks,Heating, cooling and sewerage, exploration work
damage and repair.

  • Shared & auxiliary spaces

Insurance of parking spaces, warehouses and communal areas.

  • Glazing & mirrors

Breaking of external windows and fixed mirrors, installation costs.

  • Electrical devices & Facilities

Short circuit of building electrical installations, short circuits of electrical appliances, damage to computers and related equipment

  • Compensation for damage – Cleaning

Costs of fire and limit the damage, deposed costs, demolition and removal of rubble after damage.

  • Expenses after covered loss event

Cost of relocation to another place if the residence becomes non-habitable. Costs of storing content elsewhere if the residence becomes non-habitable. Legal Support Costs. Costs of issuing building permits.

  • Responsibilities to visitors, neighbors, third parties & owner

Civil Liability for Damage from Fire, Flood, Weather and Pipe Leakage. General Civil Liability outside Fire, Flood, Weather and Pipe Leakage. Civil liability towards the owner.

  • Theft by burglary or robbery

Theft or burglary of content, damage to content and / or building from attempted theft or robbery, theft of objects in temporary residence after damage.

  • Psychological family support
    Coverage of psychologist’s expenses, child psychologist in case of total destruction or robbery.
    Pet Insurance

Veterinarian’s fee, hospital costs, hospitality costs after a covered event.

  • At All Risks

Material damage to insured items caused by accidental, unexpected and unpredictable events not due to a named hedged risk from the policy

  • Earthquake

Damage from earthquake, landslide, subsidence and tsunami as a result of an earthquake. (2% deductible)