Beachfront Villa, Walk Short Stroll To Hanioti!!

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Beachfront Villa, Walk Short Stroll To Hanioti!!
Χανιώτης 630 85, Ελλάδα
For Sale €4,000,000 - Villa - House in Halkidiki
E078 140 sqm 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 4 Parking 1967 Year Built 3000 sqm

Fabulous new luxurious villa located in the most exclusive area of ​​HANIOTI with unmatched privacy, and ideal for your family to enjoy unique luxury. Quiet location including the most turquoise waters with blue flag ratings!!

The unique design of the villa shall be in synergy with the natural environment and the use of sustainable materials. Distinctive attention shall be paid to the finishes, equipment, and architectural design, ideal for a laid-back summer destination for you and your guests. The owner has the freedom to personalize their home to their liking, always in accordance with the current urban planning legislation. With 2 homes one above the other we have 140 sq meters of living space (Many more buildings can be built on this plot of land if desired)

This residential urbanization offers a choice of spending your summer located in the most natural and peaceful areas of the HALKIDIKI. Hanioti has become an international benchmark for excellence in luxury housing developments, an ideal place to live the way you always wanted. Hanioti offers an unbeatable standard of summer living. You will benefit from a natural setting in close proximity to exclusive beaches, beach bars, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, taverns, and parks. With the unique Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy an endless number of international events and outdoor sports activities throughout most of the year. The gardens of 3000 meters are fully gated for security and privacy and filled with mature trees and shrubs for shade. To view, this outstanding piece of property or investment calls us view today (No appointment necessary) NEGOTIABLE!!

Additional Details

  • Beach: IN FRONT
  • Village: 500 METERS
  • Airport: 90 KM


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