To outsiders it might seem as if Greece had a rocky time over the past six years. There’s been the banking crisis, lots of elections and the EU’s rescue package, a sharply rising cost of living – and unemployment rate. But with plenty of sun, the amazing beaches and the clean sea international buyers were not deterred.

Balkanian and Russian investors attracted to Halkidiki area for the reasons they have always been: the fantastic long summer, ancient history and a long-established tourism and began buying new properties of €300,000 or more. Expect this Visa opportunity through gold Visa for non EU countries (read more) is another reason many people invest in Halkidiki.

Accessibility to Halkidiki from all Europe is also a key attraction, the airport is less than an hour away (about 100km), but also you can come with your car the roadway is good and safe.

With property prices still well down in 2015 due to economic crisis and high taxes for Greek citizens, cash buyers can get some great deals buying a property.

How to Buy a Property in Halkidiki

The best way to buy a property in Halkidiki is through a professional Real Estate Agent. Purchasing a property in Halkidiki is based on Greek law. When a buyer finds the right property, they should put down a Reservation Fee depending on the value of the property, it is best to reserve it this way as many resale properties are offered by more than one agency. Contracts are then drawn up, outlining the conditions of the sale, and signed by the buyer and the seller.

After that a lawyer and a notary public are necessary to make all procedures for the transfer of the property to the new owner (our office can do everything for you).

Buying Costs in Halkidiki Greece

The main costs for public services and tax are:

-Registration Fee at the Land Registry: To dubbed the purchase contract in the relevant Land Registry the purchaser is required to pay 0.45-0,75% of the consideration or the objective value of the contract, whichever value is the greater.

Real Estate Transfer Tax: The Property Transfer Tax is calculated at 3% for used properties that constracted before 2007 and 24% for new build properties (2007 and after).

For more information about the costs and the taxes your can contact our office.

Holidays in Halkidiki – how can I spend my time?

If you choose your summer-house to be in Halkidiki- congratulations! It’s a amazing place for relax. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. There is no rushing around, life is at a much slower pace and it’s not unusual for lunch to take a few hours, sometimes longer!

All around Halkidiki almost in every village there are lots of bars and restaurants. The beaches are clean you can choose a deserted beach or an organized beach bar with sunbeds, cocktails and parties.

There are also several clubs especially in Kallithea area where you can dance till the morning.

You can have lots of activities like walking in the mountain, renting a boat, visiting history and geography monuments. Thessaloniki is also near where you can find every think about shopping, historical places, hospitals, cinema etc.

Finally almost all the Greek citizens used to speak English so it’s easy for everyone to communicate. Registered & Protected TCJT-TU0I-OQOQ-0FIU