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We are a leading real estate company in Halkidiki, working with local, national and international customers since 1998. We know our business , our markets and every year we help hundreds of clients to buy, sell, rent and manage their properties and investments. We promise to provide the best service on the market.

Recent Properties in Halkidiki

Our latest properties in Halkidiki available for buy or rent.
Villa - House in Halkidiki
500,000 €
235 sqm 3
Apartment Halkidiki
120,000 €
64 sqm 1
Apartment Halkidiki
New Price 90,000 €
58 sqm 1
Apartment Halkidiki
49,000 €
33 sqm 1
Apartment Halkidiki
140,000 €
60 sqm 1
Are you looking for a exclusive condo on the beach, a luxury home on the bay, or a quiet residence to raise your kids in? These are all available for you here in Halkidiki but finding luxury homes for sale in Halkidiki can be difficult without professional help. Call Susan Jameson Team today for help finding the luxury home of your dreams!

Buy Property - Home

Buying process requires important financial decisions, understanding complex issues and lot of paperwork. We can guide you through this, and also provide you with access to properties in Halkidiki.


Sell Property - Home

We understand the local market, what you should and shouldn’t do, list your property at a fair price that will have it sold and perhaps most importantly represent your property in global market


Photography has never been more important to selling real estate than it is today. Promote your property with the right photos!

Why Halkidiki

Halkidiki makes dreams come true and inspires ideas! The turquoise sea with its warm sandy beaches gives the soul tranquility. The romantic breeze opens your senses to nature. The salt water rejuvenates the body. Magnificent landscapes create a feeling of comfort and give a sense of something special. This is the perfect destination!